Battle of Point Pleasant Ohio – Events of October 6th – 8th

On the weekend of October 6th – 8th (Friday-Sunday) in Point Pleasant / Gallipolis Ohio there were a full schedule of events commemorating the Battle of Point Pleasant.

This battle was just prior to the American Revolutionary War, however a significant event for the residents of this community.

There were three days of activities starting on Friday and continuing through a full day of educational events on Saturday and ending with a Sunday parade and wreath laying presentation.

The flyer for the event is attached:

Flyer – Battle Days announcement 2023

A bit of history on the Battle of Point Pleasant compliments of Wikopedia:

The Battle of Point Pleasant, also known as the Battle of Kanawha and the Battle of Great Kanawha, was the only major action of Dunmore’s War. It was fought on October 10, 1774, between the Virginia militia and Shawnee and Mingo warriors. Along the Ohio River near modern-day Point Pleasant, West Virginia, forces under the Shawnee chief Cornstalk attacked Virginia militiamen under Colonel Andrew Lewis, hoping to halt Lewis’s advance into the Ohio Valley. After a long and furious battle, Cornstalk retreated. After the battle, the Virginians, along with a second force led by Lord Dunmore, the Royal Governor of Virginia, marched into the Ohio Valley and compelled Cornstalk to agree to a treaty, which ended the war.

Artist depiction of the Battle of Point Pleasant in Point Pleasant Ohio


Enjoy and put on your calendar for 2024 if interested.

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