Amazon Smile Program – Signing up Results in Cash Rewards to Support Cincinnati SAR Programs

Cincinnati SAR and Amazon Smile – How it Works, What Do You Need to do to get signed up.

Amazon Smile – Happy Cincinnati SAR!

As a member of Cincinnati SAR, you know about the activities of the chapter.  The Cincinnati SAR Chapter is the most active SAR chapter in the US.  As part of those efforts we are always looking to promote, honor and recognize folks who reflect our chapter values.

How does Amazon Smile fit into this? 

Background:  Amazon has developed a feature that 501c non-profit organizations (Cincinnati SAR is one), can receive a portion of qualified Amazon sales in the form of a charitable contribution direct to the organization (Cincinnati SAR chapter).   

Do I have to pay for these donations?

Note that this feature / benefit does not add cost to your Amazon purchase! 

Amazon sellers pay fees direct to Amazon for the privilege of selling on the Amazon network.  Amazon is taking part of the fees they charge and redistributing these amounts direct to the charity.  Simple!  Amazon is really donating part of their fees to the charity of your choice.

How can our Cincinnati SAR chapter benefit?

To help Cincinnati SAR, you will need to create a distinct Amazon Smile account. This can be confusing because your new/existing Amazon Smile account is separate from your generic Amazon account.

Once you create the Amazon Smile account (, you will be asked to select a charity of your choice, please select “Cincinnati Chapter Sons of the American Revolution”. Once selected, future Amazon sales will generate donations to the Cincy SAR.  Win-Win! No cost to you, benefits to Cincinnati SAR.

How do I make sure I using Amazon Smile properly?

This is a key! Amazon Smile is a separate account, distinct from your regular Amazon account.  If you do not sign into your Amazon Smile account and mistakenly sign into your “general” Amazon account, your transactions will not accrue to Cincinnati SAR.  This is very important!

Instructions for creating an Amazon Smile account and supporting the Cincinnati Chapter SAR

  • Create an Amazon Account if you do not already have one
    • Many or most already have an existing Amazon account
  • Log on to your account through instead of just
    • Logging into will utilize your regular account password.
  • Once you are logged in, you should see a “Supporting:” drop down box near the upper left
  • Search for and select “Cincinnati Chapter Sons of the American Revolution”, Location Hamilton, OH as the organization you would like to support.
  • Then shop and complete your purchase as usual.

Key Facts:

  • You are not charged more for your purchases. 
    • Amazon is donating part of their seller fees to CCSAR
    • Cincinnati Chapter uses funds to support and sponsor local programs
  • Privacy – the Cincinnati Chapter does not see what items are purchased and does not see who is supporting us.
    • This is to assure the Contributors privacy
    • No reporting to Cincinnati SAR of the purchase info
    • No reporting of who,
    • Anonymity to the member
    • You can log into your Amazon Smile Account to see what you have contributed
  • Tax Deductions – not permitted to the Contributor, as Amazon is the one making the donation (from their Seller fees).
  • should remember the supported organization each time you log in.

If you have questions about this program and how it benefits Cincinnati SAR, please reach out to Mike Blum (513) 738-2272 or Tim Madden (513) 474-4428)

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