Wrapping Up 2020 & Kicking Off the 2021 Contest Year

The COVID-19 has sidelined the Youth Education Committee in terms of making pre-sentations.  But that doesn’t mean we have been sitting on out thumbs!ed

The photo on the right shows Ed presenting Jackson Torrans with his certificates and awards for winning the Brochure Contest at the Chapter and State levels.  Although we don’t have photos, Brandon Gardner won the CCSAR and OHSAR Poster contest and Graham Nicholson won the CCSAR and OHSSAR Essay Contest.  All of these entries have been for-warded for consideration at National.

Of course, we would have celebrated these contest winners at our Youth Awards Banquet had it not been cancelled.  Rest assured that they will be recognized at the 2020-2021 Youth Awards Banquet.

And finally,  Three Rivers School has requested the team to visit the school on 3 Dec-ember 2020 for another series of presentations on the American Revolution!

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