Lebanon Pioneer CemeteryRevolutionary War SoldierMemorial Dedication

Lebanon Pioneer Cemetery
Revolutionary War Soldier
Memorial Dedication

Patriots’ Day
April 24, 2016

Revolutionary Soldiers in Lebanon Pioneer Cemetery

Old Methodist Cemetery

Jacob Earenfight

Jacob Earenfight served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the Pennsylvania Continental line. He enlisted in April 1778 and served under Colonel Flowers for three years. He was pensioned in Warren County, Ohio on 24 November 1818. He died on 29 August 1825.

Anthony Geoghagen

Anthony Geoghagen was born 6 June 1764. He served in Captain Benjamin Brook’s 3rd regiment of the Maryland line. Anthony married Ann Lilly on 24 December 1792. He received his pension for the Revolutionary War service on 7 January 1819. Anthony died 23 May 1837. His obituary stated, “The deceased was in many of the most important battles of the Revolution, and for a part of the time bore a commission in the Army.”

Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton was born 16 May 1760 in County Down, Ireland and came to America about 1774. He enlisted as a private in the Pennsylvania line on 12 December 1776 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and was appointed Corporal about two years later. He applied for a pension for his service and it was granted 1 February 1819. He moved to Morgantown, Virginia in 1797 and then to Trumball County, Ohio. He married 30 April 1781 Susan Kean. He married second 23 February 1792 Ann Hayes. He relocated to Warren County, Ohio about 1815 where he lived until his death in 1841.

Matthias Spinning

Matthias Spinning was born in 1750 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. He married Hannah Haines. Matthias served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the Essex County, New Jersey militia. While on furlough at home, he was taken prisoner by his Tory neighbors. He was taken to New York City where he was confined in a British prison called the Sugar House. Soon after the close of the war, Matthias sold his property in New Jersey and bought land in what is now Warren County, Ohio. Matthias died 6 April 1830.

Old Baptist Cemetery

Francis Dunlevy

Francis Dunlevy was born 31 December 1761 near Winchester, Virginia. His family moved to the western frontier about 1772, settling in what is now Washington County, Pennsylvania. Because of the Indian uprisings, Francis volunteered as a private in 1776 before he was fifteen years of age, and served throughout the Revolutionary War as a scout and militia man in the Pennsylvania militia. He was granted pension in 1833 for his service as a private and a sergeant in the Pennsylvania Militia. He served as a Representative of Hamilton County, Ohio and became one of the Presiding Judges of the Court of Common Pleas. Judge Dunlevy died on 6 November 1829.

Mary Craig Dunlevy

Mary Craig came from Scotland, the daughter of John Craig, who died soon after their arrival. Mary soon left home and took shelter under the roof of Dr. Halsted of Elizabethtown. During the Revolutionary War she assisted Dr. Halsted, whose house had become a hospital, by caring for the wounded and dying patient and serving as a surgeon’s assistant. Mary first married James Carpenter and they immigrated to the Northwest Territory where James died a few years later. She then met and married Francis Dunlevy in 1793 and they eventually moved to Warren County, Ohio. Mary Craig Dunlevy died on 23 October 1828.

Leonard Peckinpaugh

Leonard Peckinpaugh was born in Frederick County Maryland on 18 August 1760. In 1781, he volunteered and served in the Maryland Continental Line under Captain Philip Hullard in Colonel Walter’s regiment during the Revolutionary War. After his discharge, he lived there for 19 years, then, moved to Fayette County, Pennsylvania. In 1822 he again moved, this time to Union City, Indiana where he applied for a pension on 9 September 1833. He moved to Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio in April 1839 and he died there on 12 November 1842.

Old Presbyterian Cemetery

Robert Benham

Robert Benham was born 7 November 1750 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War and served most of his time on the western frontier. He served under Harmon in his campaign against the Indians, was in the bloody defeat of St. Clair and shared victory in the Battle of Fallen Timbers. He was severely wounded in both hips in an Indiana raid at the mouth of the Licking River across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. Robert owned property in both Campbell County, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. He was elected a State Representative in 1798 and soon after moved to what is now Warren County, Ohio. He died in 1809.

John Crawford Bone

John Crawford Bone was born in 1747 in Pennsylvania. In 1768 he married Martha Quinn in North Carolina. He served as a Captain of the North Carolina troops in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Upon his discharge he was granted 230 acres of land in the new western wilderness. His family moved first to Green Brier, Kentucky near Bardstown, but soon moved again to what is now Warren County, Ohio. Captain John Crawford Bone died in 1805.

James Cowan, Sr.

James Cowan, Sr. was a native of Berkeley County, Virginian. He served as a private in the Virginia Militia also contributed wheat & flour to the Revolutionary cause. He immigrated, with his wife Mary, to Ohio in 1800 and settled two miles west of Lebanon. James died in 1828.

Ezekiel Irwin

Ezekiel Irwin was born 2 January 1759. He married Anna Martin who died in 3 March 1819. In 1777 Ezekiel offered as a substitute for his father and immediately after his discharge, he was drafted in his own name into the company of Captain John Gardiner in the Pennsylvania Militia. In 1778 he volunteered for service as a private in the Pennsylvania Militia. Sometime before 1821, he moved to Warren County, Ohio, and there he married Elizabeth Braden. On 4 October 1832, he made application for his services in the Revolutionary War. The pension was granted on 20 September 1833. Ezekiel died 28 July 1843.

Samuel Manning

Samuel Manning was born in 1762. Although he was from New Jersey, he enlisted 20 May 1777 in the Continental Army in White Plains New York, and ended up in the 2nd Div. under “Mad” Anthony Wayne. He served in Captain Nathaniel Tom’s Company in the regiment of Colonel William Malcom. Samuel was in the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army at Valley Forge with his brother Thomas. Samuel died in 1837.

Lawrence Monfort

Lawrence Monfort was born in1753 in New Jersey and lived in York County, Pennsylvania, just across the Delaware River from New Jersey. He married Elizabeth Cassait sometime before 1775. Lawrence served as a private in Captain Campbell’s company of the 2nd Battalion of York County under Colonel Robert McPherson. About 1800, the family emigrated west, finally settling in Warren County, Ohio. Lawrence died in 1830.

Peter Perlee

Peter Perlee was born 10 February 1767. He served in the Revolutionary War in Captain Vroom’s company, Second Battalion, Somerset, New Jersey. By 1810 Peter and his family had relocated to Warren County, Ohio. Peter died in Warren County sometime between June 1843 and April 1844.

William Russell

William Russell was born in 1756. He married Jane Sewell in 1790. William served throughout the Revolutionary War in the Somerset County, New Jersey militia in Captain Jacob Mathias Company and also in Captain Martin’s Company of the Continental Army. He died in 1829.

John Tharp

John Tharp was born 8 April 1751 in Somerset County, New Jersey. He married Hannah Hurin on 27 January 1782 at Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey. John served in the Revolutionary War in the 3rd New Jersey Regiment. On 1 January 1781, he was commissioned a Lieutenant and was at the surrender at Yorktown. He was mustered out on 4 November 1783. John Tharp and his family were living in Marlborough, New York when he emigrated westward and arrived in Maysville, Kentucky. In 1790 John was in the first distribution of lots in Losantiville, now Cincinnati, Ohio. He had charge of working materials when they were erecting Fort Washington and when the fort was finished, he moved his family there. In 1797, he bought 93 acres of land adjoining the town of Lebanon, Ohio. He died sometime between September 1818 and April 1819.

Jonathan Tichenor

Jonathan Tichenor was born in 1741 in Essex County, New Jersey. On 4 June 1767 he married Rebecca Stratton. He served in The Revolutionary War from Morris and Essex County, New Jersey. Jonathan came to Hamilton County, Ohio sometime before 1793. He later moved to Warren County, Ohio. On 7 September 1806 Jonathan Tichenor and Aaron Smith as Trustees of the Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, Ohio, purchased a lot to be used as a graveyard and was known as the Old Presbyterian Graveyard. It was known to have been a place of burial as early as 1799. Jonathan died in 1815.