Wesleyan Cemetery
Revolutionary War Soldier
Memorial Dedication
October 18, 2015

18 Revolutionary War Soldiers were destined to be buried in Wesleyan Cemetery, 8 are acknowledged in cemetery records and the 10 who not recorded in the known records are honored in memoriam.

Richard Allison, (1737 – 1816) He was the senior American military physician in the Northwest Indian War, and became the surgeon general of General Anthony Wayne’s Legion at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. In 1789, he was appointed surgeon and became the ranking medical officer of the U.S. Army.

James Berry, (1759 – 1847) He enlisted as Private for Delaware under Capt. Skillington.

Andrew Cox, (1761 – 1852) He enlisted September 1776, in Colonel Enoch’s Virginia Regiment to fight Indians. Cox was a scout, a ranger and a spy and rendered duty through 1778.

Soloman Howard, (1761 – 1834) He enlisted and served nine months as a Pvt. under Colonel Eby at New London to build forts, he was ordered to Rhode Island during General Spencer’s campaign in 1777. He re-enlisted at Lyme, Grafton County, New Hampshire, in 1781, and again at Hebron, Connecticut.

Thomas Keelor, (1764 – ?) Served in Capt Richard Cox’s Company, 3rd Regt NJ Continental Line. He survived that horrible winter at Valley Forge, was one of the guards on duty when Major Andre was executed.

Oliver Kelly, (1757 – 1827) He enlisted at Rahway, New Jersey, in January 1776 in Capt. Niel’s company of Artillery. He was in the battle of Trenton, December 27, 1776; at Brandywine, Princeton, Monmouth, and others.

Abraham Roll, (1759 – 1827) He was a Private as well as a patriot providing material aid to the Continental army.

John Roll, Jr., (1733 – after 1808) Born in Germany, he was a Private in the Morris County, New Jersey Militia.

In Memorium

Buried first at Catherine Street/Court Street ME (Catherine Street Methodist Episcopal Cemetery). Moved to Wesleyan or Spring Grove Cemetery, but no records are found there. Therefore, these Patriots are honored for the first time since their deaths for the Service given to secure our Liberty.

Jonathon Burdge, (1760 – 1822) He served in the Revolutionary War.

Dennis Clark, (1756 – 1832) In 1775 he enlisted in Bedford, County, PA. Served 3 mos under Colonel Piper at Juniata, PA. Vol. again in 1881 at Winchester, Caroline, Co., VA. Under the command of Gen. Wayne pursued Cornwallis and engaged at the battle of Yorktown.

Seth Cutter, (1760 – 1805) in Massachusetts. Fought in Revolutionary War with his father Seth Sr.

William Dezell, (1755 – 1837) He enlisted in 1775 under Colonel Atlee’s PA Regt. Which was badly cut up at Long Island..He a prisoner in New York City until February, 1777.

Randall Douglass,( 1763 – 1844) Enlisted at Orangeburg Coun- ty, South Carolina, under Colonel Pinckney. He was at the battle of Stone Ferry, South Carolina and Savannah Ga. in1779; in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1780.

William Harris, (1746 – 1797) Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Served in Capt. Carle’s Troop of Light Horse from Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.

Francis Kennedy, (1752 – 1796), was a Private in Bedford Co., PA Rangers on Frontier, 1778-1783.

Samuel Pierce, (1759 – 1828) He enlisted in Middletown, Connecticut, in May 1777 under Colonel Wullys, Regt. and was in Many battles. In 1781 he was detached from his Regiment to Colonel Dermont’s Regiment, opposing Gen. Benedict Arnold in Virginia. He was also at the siege of Yorktown and surrender of Lord Cornwallis 1781.

Henry Rogers, (1752 -1840) He entered the New Jersey Continental Line in Morris County, New Jersey, late in 1775 in Lord Sterling’s Company, and Colonel William Winds, 1 year, N J Continental Line.

William Skivington, (1754 – 1810) He was Born and served in Pennsylvania.