Williamsburg Township Cemetery
Revolutionary War Soldier
Memorial Dedication
April 19, 2015

The 11 Patriots Being Commemorated on Patriots Day 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 2 PM Williamsburg Cemetery Williamsburg, Ohio

The early Williamsburg pioneer families were very much intertwined and interrelated. In addition to the efforts of James Kain, Jr., William Lytle also had the services of others memorialized here today. Ramouth Bunton and Adam Bricker are also mentioned in the History of Clermont and Brown Counties by Byron Williams. And John Lytle was sure to have added his efforts in the development of Lytletown known today as Williamsburg, Ohio. Their reference numbers can be found next to their names within the James Kain, Jr. biography. The strong relationship of these men speaks to the solid patriotic roots on which the Town of Williamsburg was established. Williamsburg is most definitely a community built on the principles of liberty that were established by our Constitution and the men who fought for its principles!

1. Joseph Ball (1759-1864)

2. Adam Bricker (1762-1843)

3. Ramoth Bunton (1749-1831)

4. Samuel Burnett (1763-1862)

5. Thomas Foster (1747-abt 1804)

6. Jacob Fry (1765-1839)

7. John Huber (-1818)

8. James Kain, Jr. (1749-1815)

9. Moses Leonard (1759-1844)

10. John Lytle (1767-1843)

11. Absolom Smith (1756-1834)