CCSAR Educates for Local History Event

On September 19th the historical presentation wing of the Nolan Carson Color Guard performed at the Liberty Township Heritage Festival. This was a fantastic event and may have been the best event of a year without many opportunities such as this. Located in Dudley Woods community park, the SAR had a early 19th century log cabin as a backdrop for our presentation. The unit performed drill and firing demonstrations for the crowd, including a bayonet charge.

Highlights included the families of unit members Mark Holland and Jeff Hartman. Each family set up a period tent and camp display and entertained the crowd with lectures of camp life of the era. We even had a visit from the 68th Regiment of Foot’s drummer, Bart Hendershot, who talked about the life of a drummer during the war. Compatriots Ed Bonniwell and Dan Schmitz each presented special topics to the attendees. Although there were many scheduled events, for the most part it was answering varied questions about the Revolutionary War. The Cincinnati SAR looks forward to more events like this in the future.

CCSAR Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard included: Bob Bowers, Chuck Rogers, Clay Crandall, George Stewart, Mike Blum, Brad Jarad, Dan Schmitz and Guest Drummer, Bart Hendershot,

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