A 6th of June 2020 Reboot for the Cincinnati Chapter as we Hopefully Begin to See a Light at the End of the Covid-19 Tunnel

A bunch of us got together in the Blue Ash Room of the quality Inn in Blue Ash to welcome four brand new Compatriots to our Chapter:

  • Compatriot Alton Jackson Wallin Jr.
  • Compatriot Timothy Jackson Wallin (Jack’s son)
  • Colin Andrew McGilvray
  • Jeffrey Del Sevier

Ohio Society & Chapter President, Lee Wilkerson formally inducted the new members and Vice President Greg Ballman Pinned their Rossettes in place.  This was really a great way to begin the recovery from the shutdown, but sadly we will now move into our summer recess.  Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

Even though our meeting schedule will be a little thin from now until September, George Stewart is laying out a series of Saturday morning breakfast meetings that will allow us to stay in contact.  We’ll also have the Presidents PicNic at the White House to look forward to in early August!  The Fourth of July is upon us and we’ll be honoring 6 Revolutionary War heroes at the Sycamore Twp Memorial Cemetery along the 131st Annual Awards Banquet that will be taking place at Ft. Laurens on 24/24 July.

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