131st Annual Meeting of the Ohio Society and the Election of New Officers

On Saturday morning, 9 May at 10:00 AM the Ohio Society convened its 131st Annual Meeting.  This was a precedent setting meeting for the Ohio Society in that it was the first time a virtual meeting of its membership was held.  The driving force behind this change to tradition was, of course, the COVID-19 Pandemic!

One of the primary reasons for this meeting to be held at this time was simply to maintain coincidence with the National Society’s timing for reporting of membership and business status.  Additionally, elections of officers for the 2020/2021 term of office was necessary.

Partially through the meeting agenda and upon a motion from the floor, President Hinson suspended the Board of Management meeting and called to order 131st Annual General Membership Meeting of the Ohio Society SAR.

President Hinson then presided over the election of OHSSAR Officers for the 2020-2021 Leadership Term.

The Nominating Committee’s slate of officers was presented as follows:

President—Turner Lee Wilkerson, III.

1st Vice President—Merlyn (Troy) C. Bailey

2nd Vice President—John (Jack) H. Bredenfoerder

Secretary—COL. Donald C. McGraw, Jr. (USA Ret’d)

Treasurer—Michael J. Blum

Registrar—Merlyn (Troy) C. Bailey

Chancellor—Richard L. Carr, Jr., Esq.

Historian—Steven Greaf

Genealogist—Timothy E. Ward

Chaplain—Dr. R. Edgar (Ed) Bonniwell

National Trustee—L. Stephen Hinson

Alt National Trustee—Timothy E. Ward

Director-at-Large (2020-2023)—Timothy E. Ward

Continuing Terms:

Director-at-Large (2019-2022)—Donald C. McGraw, Jr.

Director-at-Large (2018-2021)—James D. Schaffer (2018-2021)

There were no nominations from the floor. A motion was made by Larry Perkins (2nd by Gary Duffield) to accept the slate of officers as presented (and uncontested) by acclaim. The motion carried and officers noted above were elected.

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