2017 Cincinnati SAR Celebrates Constitution Day

The Cincinnati Chapter SAR welcomed six new compatriots to our chapter at the Constitution Day luncheon held at the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza on Sunday, September 10th. New compatriots inducted by Minuteman Paul Wilke were: Compatriot George Foster, Compatriot Andrew Hess, Compatriot Tom Hess, Compatriot Ethan Hess, Compatriot John Holcomb and Compatriot Jon Schlosser. Compatriot George Stewart is serving as mentor for Compatriot Foster, Compatriot Shaun Smith is serving as mentor for all three compatriots from the Hess family, Compatriot Brad Jarard is serving as mentor for Compatriot Holcomb and Compatriot Gary Duffield is serving as mentor for Compatriot Schlosser. Congratulations and welcome!

Receiving supplementals at the same celebration were Compatriots Clay Crandall, Shaun Smith and Conner Smith.


Receiving Patriot Graves Medals were compatriots Shaun and Connor Smith. Receiving Patriot Grave Medal Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters were Compatriots Mike Blum, Larry Collins, Mike Gunn (2), George Stewart and Lee Wilkerson.

Compatriot Shaun Smith, chairman of the Veterans Committee, presented Compatriot Mike Gunn with the Service to Veterans Medal. Congratulations!


Our speaker for the luncheon was Mr. Barry Sheets. He presented an early history about the crafting of the Constitution.


Finally, President Bredenfoerder presented several door prizes based of the Constitution Amendments that were placed at each table setting. The chapter also raised $125 towards next year’s Youth Awards Night thanks to the efforts of Valerie Wilke.

All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon enjoyed by all!

Jack Bredenfoerder
CCSAR President

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